We are a boutique consulting firm exclusively focused on assisting Trustees, Executors and Beneficiaries to assess and resolve significant Fiduciary related problems. We identify and resolve issues quickly and our common-sense approach has a proven record of positive results for our clients.

Some of the services we offer include: 

Trustee Audits and Assessments

We can take individual Trustees through an audit and based upon our findings recommend or suggest ways to improve or best practices for them to consider. We are also available to evaluate an encumbent trustee.

Alternative Dispute Resolution for Fiduciary Matters

We can be engaged to resolve a fiduciary related dispute through negotiation or mediation saving time and aggravation.

Trustee succession or replacement

We can be consulted on a trustee succession question or undertake a search for a trustee or help a family develop a set of criteria that will help them choose the right person to be a trustee.

Trustee Conflicts or bias resolution

We are well versed in the areas where trustees are most likely to face conflicts. We can help trustees to steer through these challenging situations.

Trustee/beneficiary disputes

With years of practical day to day experience we can help trustees or beneficiaries to resolve disputes quickly.

Trustee matters dealing with mental health

This is among the most challenging area that a trustee or family can face. We have first hand knowledge that can help families cope with important decisions and help ensure that a trustee is equipped to deal with a myriad of different circumstances.

Fiduciary tax matters

Making the correct tax decisions about how transactions in a trust should be treated is an area that is often misunderstood and can cause significant problems. We can provide assistance to trustees to make the right decision.

Trust situs or jurisdiction questions

This is an area that is often overlooked. We can help trustees look at whether they should consider moving the situs of a trust to a more favorable jurisdiction.

Trustee or Executor compensation disputes

Trustee and Executor roles are often complicated and require huge time commitments we can determine what reasonable compensation is for the work being done.

Significant collection valuations or disposition issues

We can help identify the right experts to help get a fair valuation and determine the right way to dispose of important object or collections to meet family objectives.

Charitable Gifting issues

We are often able to negotiate the terms of a gift and help obtain appraisals and documentation that will help ensure a successful gift that meets the donors wishes.

Use/Abuse of Trustee discretion

Whether through benign neglect or misunderstanding we are familiar with how to resolve discretionary disputes and ensure that both trustees and beneficiaries understand the terms under which discretion can be excersized.

Trustee Forensics

We can be engaged to reconstruct and review what actions have been taken by a trustee and put together a review of activities and recommend a course of action.

Fiduciary Competence issues

We can help families through this often delicate subject and help plan on ways to ensure that a family trustee will always be able to fulfill their duties.