When a Trustee or Executor and a Beneficiary disagree we have often been able to resolve those disputes quickly without the length of time, costs and expense associated with engaging lawyers or protracted litigation.

Whether you are dealing with a Trustee or Executor who seems disengaged, a new trustee search, valuing an important collection, or just trying to correct a complicated fiduciary matter we are able to apply our 30 years of experience dealing with every aspect of Trust and Estate Administration to help you resolve the issue successfully. Our hands-on experience allows us to assess the situation quickly and provide you with the alternatives and the transparency to move forward.

Over the years we have developed a broad network of nationally recognized trust and estate lawyers, Fiduciary accountants and other subject matter experts we can tap into and engage if a particular situation warrants it. We use a direct, common sense approach to problem resolution that enables us to focus on achieving the client’s key objectives efficiently. We welcome your inquiries on how we might help you or your family.

How can our 30 years of experience help you?

“In working with Kemp for the last 20 years we found his services were quick and prompt, accurate, efficient, professional and cooperative. He was generous with his time and produced optimal positive results for me and my family.”

Client since 1997

"Kemp is the consummate fiduciary advisor...professional integrity, client-minded, caring and solution oriented!"

Client since 1998

“I have known Kemp for over 20 years in both a professional and personal capacity, and he has been exceedingly resourceful in both relationships. On a professional level, I have consulted with Kemp on virtually every aspect of Trust & Estates planning, from administration to structuring creative solutions to complex issues.”

Professional colleague

“Kemp is remarkably adept in working with his network of contacts in appropriate fields to bring about meaningful results, and for me over the years has successfully navigated a minefield of burdensome tasks in all areas to provide for smooth sailing. I would highly recommend Kemp to anyone with a routine or up to complex matters as a resource to get things done in the right way for all parties involved.”

Client since 1997